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Terms & Symbols


  Cies        Input capacitance

  Coes       Output capacitance

   Cres       Reverse transfer(Miller) capacitance

   di/dt      Rate of change of current

  dv/dt      Rate of rise of voltage

  Eoff         Turn-off energy per pulse

  Eon         Turn-on energy per pulse

   IC            Collector current              

   ICES        Collector emitter leakage current

   ICM          Maximum pulsed collector current

   IDRM        Maximum repetitive off-state current  

  IF(AV)   Average forward current

  IF(RMS) RMS forward current 

  IFM            Maximum forward current

  IFSM         Maximum surge forward current

   IGES          Gate emitter leakage current

   IGT           Trigger gate current  

   IH              Holding current

   IL              Latching current

   IRRM        Maximum repetitive reverse current

   Irr             Maximum  reverse recovery current

   IT(AV)  On-state average current

   ITM           Maximum on-state  current

   ITSM         Maximum surge on-state  current

   M             Mounting torque

   PD           Power dissipation

   PGAV      Average gate power dissipation

   Qg          Total gate charge

   Qge        Gate emitter charge

   Qgc        Gate collector (Miller) charge

   Qrr           Reverse recovery charge

    Rthcs     Thermal resistance case to heatsink

   Rthjc       Thermal resistance junction to case

   RTO        On-state slope resistance

   TC          Case temperature

   tdoff        Turn-off delay time

   tdon        Turn-on delay time

   t f            Turn-off fall time

   Tj            Virtual junction temperature

    trr           Reverse recovery time 

   TSTG        Storage temperature

   VCES      Collector emitter voltage

   VDRM      Maximum repetitive forward blocking voltage

   VFM        Maximum forward voltage

   VGE        Gate emitter voltage

   VGE(th)   Gate emitter threshold voltage

   VGT         Gate trigger voltage

   VISO       Isolation voltage

   VRRM     Maximum repetitive reverse voltage

   VTM        Maximum  on-state voltage

   VTO       Threshold voltage ( for power loss calculation only )



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