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IR-PERI is a Power Modules Company found in December, 1995.  She is a joint-venture company with one investor-International Rectifier, USA, the most famous power semiconductor with more than 50 years experiences in the world, and the other-Power Electronics Research Institute, China, the leader and forerunner of high technology in power semiconductor in China.


IR-PERI is the first company who majors in researching and developing, and manufacturing IGBT modules in China.

IR-PERI  manufactures her own power modules in Xi'an, China.  She owns a team of professionals, Testing and Production facilities. All the production and testing line and the chief materials are imported from USA, Japan, Germany and Italy. All the engineers, technicians and workers were trained in International Rectifier headquarters, USA and Mexico.


Main products include IGBT modules, FRED modules, Phase Control Thyristor modules and Rectifier Diode modules for power supply market and other applications like Invertor welding machine, Induction Heating, Motor Control, UPS, etc.

We are open to any company who wishes to visit us or meet to discuss their requirement for IR-PERI  product. If you would like to arrange such a discussion please contact us.






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