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Name Method


IGBT modules





Module type:    GA: IGBT module

Current rating:  I Per leg

Circuit configuration:   T: half bridge;  L: chopper switch/low side;  H: chopper switch/high side;  D: single switch

               HC: H-bridge HL: chopper switch low and high side

Case style:  A:  A-A-pak   S:  Int-A-pak    D: Dual-Int-A-pak   F: F-A-Pak         

Voltage code:  Code×10(V)= VCES 

Characteristic:    U------Ultra fast              K------Standard (NPT)


Thyristor, FRED, Rectifier Diode modules





Module type:   M: Semiconductor module

Type of chips: D: Rectifier Diode;     Z: Fast recovery diode;     T: Phase control  thyristor

          K: SCR Inverter      F: Thyristor & Diode

Circuit configuration: C: Half bridge     K: Common Cathode      A: Common Anode

                                     S: Three phase  rectifier bridge

Current rating:  IT(AV) Per leg   

Case style: TA: A-A-pak     TS:Int-A-pak     TD: Dual-Int-A-pak     TM: Magn-Int-pak     TF     TH     TK      TG: TG1, TG2, TG3      DG or MDS

Voltage code: Code×10(V)=VRRM

Characteristic: U------Fast recovery          S------Soft recovery



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